Get Rid of Herpes Remedy – My Evaluation

by Stephen Adams

This is my summary evaluation of the Get Rid of Herpes Remedy.

As I had indicated, I myself have suffered from oral herpes for a number of  years. Thus, I was motivated to try out the “Get Rid of Herpes” protocol by Sarah Wilcox on my own. So, I have commenced the regimen provided in the manual, using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

These are the major sections of the “Get Rid of Herpes” book:

  • About Sarah Wilcox
  • Introduction
  • A quick history of herpes
  • Types of herpes
  • What does herpes look like?
  • Herpes often confused with other conditions
  • Genital herpes symptoms
  • Herpes simplex diet
  • What triggers a herpes outbreak?
  • How is genital herpes diagnosed
  • Avoid cross contamination
  • Herpes medication
  • How to kill the herpes virus
  • Ozone therapy – historical origins
Get Rid of Herpes sample protocol

Get Rid of Herpes – My dosage schedule

Based on the remedy proposed in the book, I resolved to attempt to kill the herpes virus. In the accompanying figure, I show the simple dosage technique I have employed, based on the “Get Rid of Herpes” book. One needs to be somewhat rigorous in attending to this dosage schedule. I found that storing in the refrigerator a small medicine dropper bottle, along with the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, in a tightly sealed bag, does the job of keeping the protocol material refrigerated and safe.

Although I have not yet completed this “Get Rid of Herpes” protocol, I can make several observations regarding this herpes remedy. These are:

  1. As long as you are careful, safety is no problem
  2. The spring water/bio-oxidative solution has a slight taste, but nothing that is repellant
  3. I already seem to be having a greater energy level than before, using this protocol
  4. An incipient attack of oral herpes around my lip region has receded away very quickly
  5. I tolerate the recommended dosages well
  6. It’s best to take these dosages an hour before or after meals


I use a dedicated eyedropper for this remedy. Just be careful when using this.

Overall, the results have been surprisingly beneficial. See my observations below.







Day of TherapyComments
3slight burning on lower left lip area
4early morning - diarrhea
5mild bout of diarrhea in evening
7mild diarrhea
12mild diarrhea
14mild diarrhea

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