How Can Sarah Wilcox Claim a Cure for Herpes?


Get Rid of Herpes

An Alternative Herpes Therapy – Courtesy Sarah Wilcox

I was upset when I first realized I had contracted oral herpes. On top of other problems, I have to deal with this? Then, imagine trying to understand the emotions of someone who has become infected with genital herpes, probably from their partner. The correct terminology for the infected person is  “extremely angry.

Looking for a solution to my problem, I purchased “Get Rid of Herpes,” an effective alternative herpes treatment system, which is available as an eBook. It was created by Sarah Wilcox, a genital Herpes sufferer. In the book, Sarah reveals effective natural remedies to rid sufferers of this viral disease. Wilcox claims that the reason for creating her herpes treatment system is to provide herpes sufferers a chance to treat their condition without laying out large amounts of cash for expensive, yet often ineffective herpes treatments.

The herpes virus can appear as two types, either Herpes Type 1 (HSV-1) or Herpes Type 2 or (HSV-2). HSV-1 is associated with herpes sores in and around the lip, whereas HSV-2 is associated with cutaneous sores around the genital area. The book details the set of symptoms for both kinds of common herpes viruses.

The goal of this book is quite challenging. Her aims are:

  • Eliminate Herpes permanently in 30 to 60 Days
  • Remove any fear of further Herpes outbreaks
  • Prove that you can stop a Herpes outbreak using a simple therapy, which has been  utilized for decades
  • Provide an explanation of the science behind this straightforward therapy
  • Provide permanent relief to legions of Herpes sufferers

The Origin of Sarah Wilcox Herpes Program

Sarah dutifully listened to medical doctors, and took prescribed medication to rid her genital herpes, similar to anti-viral medicines like Acyclovir (Zovirax™) or Valacyclovir. She thought the drugs were working, until she had another herpes outbreak three weeks later. She then found herself needing to take additional antiviral medicine for several months after, but had to stop, because of severe secondary effects. Out of complete frustration, she had to seek out natural herpes treatments to get rid of her herpes infection, because conventional medicine had failed her. Many herpes sufferers find themselves in the same situation that she had to face. The problem Sarah had was three-fold:

  1. The antiviral medicines don’t work
  2. The antiviral medicines are expensive
  3. In the interim, shame and a sudden shutdown of one’s social life occurs
Herpes - Time Magazine

Herpes – Courtesy Time magazine Aug., 1982

Why should the drug companies be concerned about any of these outcomes? They have patented drugs, a steady income stream, and … somehow they just don’t work. ( Hint: these drugs are treating the symptoms, and not the base problem).

As part of my review, here is the official video for “Get Rid of Herpes.” It is worth watching, as it gets to the essence of this book.

What I Like about This Program

Here is the good news: Using the bio-oxidative therapy revealed in “Get Rid of Herpes,” you can effectively rid yourself of the herpes virus completely. This is no fly-by-night treatment invented in Mexico. It has been used since the 1930’s in Germany, Russia, and Cuba, by thousands of people. No one is asking you to be a guinea pig.

The basic materials needed are easy to procure, the treatment is easy to administer, and the results in getting rid of herpes are generally seen within about a month. Contrast this with time consuming visits to the doctor’s office, and expensive anti-viral medications, only to find out the symptoms are treated, not the underlying viral infection.

Sarah Wilcox has gone to the time and trouble of tracking down a method popularized in Germany and elsewhere, and then used for decades. The presented knowledge and course of treatment are definitely easy to follow.

What I Don’t Like about Sarah Wilcox’s Program

Her book recommends getting a blood test for evidence of viral infection, yet the exact type of blood test needed is not defined in the book. I believe one needs to do an IgG or IgM test, or both, one tests for recent herpes infection, the other tests for any infection episode at any time prior. Nor are the costs for these blood test(s) mentioned anywhere.  I find, as of this writing, a local blood testing lab charges $29 for HSV-1 testing, $29 for an HSV-2 test, and $200 for an entire STD Blood Test panel.

The reader must take it on faith all the experiences brought forward by Sarah Wilcox are as stated. I have no reason to doubt the veracity of her statements, yet I wish she would have provided at least some additional anecdotal information about the efficacy of the treatment methodology.

Learn About the Get Rid of Herpes Treatment Method CLICK HERE.

More about the Book

The book presents the different ways of getting rid of herpes naturally. It also clearly explains the root causes, signs and symptoms of this viral disease. As an example of her recommendations, the book reveals the right foods, rich in lysine, that can effectively suppress the herpes virus such as:

  • chicken and fish
  • turkey
  • vegetables
  • legumes

The eBook promotes the view that a beneficial diet can diminish the occurrence of herpes blisters.

19 million Americans have genital herpes

19 Million Americans or 1 in 6 have Genital Herpes

Sarah Wilcox’s book is written in a clear and understandable manner. The recommendations to get rid of herpes are easy to implement, so users don’t need to comprehend and execute complex remedies. Also, the treatment presented in this book do not have side effects when compared to the antiviral drugs usually provided by doctors.  In conclusion, the eBook is a useful proposition to those sufferers of herpes who want a final solution to their herpes problem, especially to those who are dissatisfied with conventional medical antibiotics. 

Investigate Sarah Wilcox’s Treatment Method CLICK HERE.


How Can Sarah Wilcox Claim a Cure for Herpes? — 7 Comments

  1. This is very exciting news! Herpes has been incurable for many generations, and that’s really unfortunate. I don’t have any form of the virus, but my mom has had cold sores all of her life. There’s a lot of people in the same boat, I’m sure.

  2. I’ve heard that there are ways to get rid of herpes, even though doctors say it’s a lifelong disease. Unfortunately though, I can’t find anything I trust with just a simple google search. I’m glad I found this site, I can’t wait to get rid of my cold sores!

  3. I just bought Sarah Wilcox’s book, But I would like to know what type of food that have white flour? Do you rice and spaghetti have white flour?

  4. I’m not a doctor but I have been doing the following and I haven’t experienced an outbreak in months. I usually get a cold sore at least 3x’s a year and genital outbreaks once a year. I have been eating more foods that are lysine rich, taking lysine supplements, avoiding argenine products such as: Nuts: almonds, walnuts, cashews and peanuts
    Grains: whole wheat, oats, brown rice and even flour products
    Caffeinated liquids or beverages
    And direct sun exposure.

    As for genital herpes I shower at least once a day, I was told to not douche, it causes bacterial infections, and I use light scented soap such as dove. I don’t put powder or lotions of that sort. I do wear tight jeans daily, I don’t ever sleep in tem though. I wear loose fitted clothing for bed.

  5. I just found out I’m so scared antime and sad all the timeI desperately need Help everything I wanted in life is gone no One will ever wanna marry me

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