Get Rid of Herpes Review

by Stephen Adams

Get Rid of Herpes. Courtesy Sarah WilcoxI wanted to give you a real review of the Get Rid of Herpes product. So, after I purchased it, I did a thorough reading and re-reading of this book. Here are three touted benefits of the Sarah Wilcox method:

  • Symptoms of HSV-2 are quickly relieved
  • An effective remedy for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 is presented
  • Follow-on outbreaks are eliminated

How can Sarah Wilcox make these claims?

The book begins by recounting her own experiences, upon becoming infected with Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2). HSV-2 is commonly referred to as genital herpes. Sarah Wilcox was just devastated at the time. Dose after dose of anti-viral medication left Sarah no better off than before, putting her in a quandry about what to do.

In the Introduction (p.7), Sarah admits herpes is extremely difficult to treat. Medical authorities uniformly tell patients that, once contracted, you cannot cure herpes. The good news is that the bio oxidative therapy described in full is an effective procedure which has been demonstrated to swiftly eliminate herpes symptoms. Eventually, the herpes virus is killed.

After a short discussion of the epidemiology of the current state of HSV infection, a stunning statistic regarding genital herpes is revealed. Around 20% of women, and 11% of men, have genital herpes.

In a Quick History of Herpes (p. 10), it is acknowledged that the virus has been known for over 2,000 years. Also, societal views on herpes have changed considerably. For example, Herpes infections were merely thought of as benign “cold sores” until the mid-1970s.

Then, (p. 12), types of Herpes are delineated. In terms of importance, HSV-1 and HSV-2 are presented, along with the set of symptoms normally displayed. Next, herpes zoster (shingles) is described, followed in turn by the Epstein-Barr virus, famously associated with mono-nucleosis. In this rogue’s gallery of human herpes virus, cytomegalovirus (CMV) is associated with individuals who have compromised immune systems.

Then, Sarah Wilcox proceeds to spell out the symptoms and characteristics of genital herpes (p. 17). Here you need to start getting cautious. In terms of sexual relations, with most individuals, you need to at least use a condom, as a way of protecting both parties. Herpes is subtle. It may not be providing any symptoms as far as you know, yet it is still contagious, unless you have specific knowledge that the virus is killed. You generally might see a few small blisters lasting several days until they scab over.

Herpes on the buttocks

Herpes on the buttocks. Courtesy CDC

What does herpes look like (p. 20)? Some commonly noted symptoms are remarked upon, with the characteristic appearance of blisters, which eventually crust over, leading to normal skin after a while.

Can herpes sometimes be confused with other conditions (p. 22)? Candida albicans (a yeast infection) and its symptoms are in fact sometimes confused with herpes. How to tell the difference? Here’s another similarity in symptoms – Syphilis. In the primary Syphilis stage, painless small blisters are found near the genitalia, similar to herpes. Yet, syphilis is caused by the Treponema bacterium, and not a virus. Even in its secondary phase, syphilis still strongly resembles herpes.

Other skin conditions can resemble herpes blisters. Just be sure you are dealing with the herpes simplex virus.

Next, a brief discussion of genital herpes symptoms is presented (p. 27). Some very noticeable early genital herpes symptoms involve: tingling, burning, or itching sensations in the genital area, or area of the anus. Sometimes, fluids discharge from the vagina. Painful sensations in the buttocks, or legs may occur as well.

Then, a few days later, small diameter sores make their presence around the genital area.

Herpes simplex diet. The book stresses the importance of avoiding foods rich in l-arginine, while at the same time enhancing intake of l-lysine rich foods. You get a list of 10 food types to consume, especially during an active outbreak period. (Such as dairy products, fish and seafood). Next, you have a list of foods to avoid. Stay away from these food types, especially during an active herpes outbreak.

You also get a list of foods to always avoid (p. 31). The list  includes chocolate, peanuts, cakes and sweets, alcohol, etc. But, enough said about diet. The real meat in this book follows.


What triggers herpes outbreaks? (p. 33) goes into some environmental factors which might trigger a herpes outbreak. This includes stress, trauma, and illness, among others.

How is genital herpes diagnosed? (p. 34) discusses the reason why blood tests for herpes antibodies are so commonly used.

Why you want to avoid cross contamination (p. 35) gives some practical tips on how to avoid spreading the herpes infection you may have. For example, having an antibacterial cleansing solution for your hands is recommended.

Why acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir are commonly prescribed for a herpes outbreak (p. 37) but why these antiviral medications need to be used repeatedly, since they don’t clear the herpes virus out of the body.



Also, little known, there are complications associated with long-term use of anti-viral medications.

How to kill the herpes virus (p. 39) – Now, we get into the step by step treatment program for herpes. The book discusses the various reasons why this bio-oxidative therapy is not universally accepted. In particular, the drug companies can’t patent this method, so there is no profit for them.

In p. 40,  the existence of an effective therapy, available in some parts of Europe, including Germany, has been known since the beginning of the twentieth century. In fact, it is still in wide use in various European countries, Russia, and Cuba, and the practitioners number in the thousands. It is important to stress this therapy has been used successfully for decades, and it allows one to really halt further herpes outbreaks.

Then, Ozone or Oxygen Therapy (p. 42) is introduced. The rationale for its success is discussed and reasons for its relative obscurity are presented. Even in the 1940s, oxygen therapy was very popular, but its utility was forgotten with the near simultaneous advent of prescription medication.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Ozone therapy – historical origins (p. 44) goes into the history of innovations and advances in medical usage of ozone and hydrogen peroxide. Already by the end of the 19th century, published papers describing using ozone to treat tuberculosis, appeared in prestigious medical journals. Thousands of medical articles regarding hydrogen peroxide have appeared in medical journals during the past quarter century.

Hydrogen Peroxide. Space-filling model. Red indicates Oxygen, gray is Hydrogen

Hydrogen Peroxide. Space-filling model. Red indicates Oxygen, gray is Hydrogen

The singular method known to actually get rid of herpes is the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The Get Rid of Herpes Protocol (p. 47) is described as the only method known to stop the herpes simplex virus, eliminate further herpes outbreaks, and kill the herpes viral pathogen.

A regimen using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is presented (p. 50). The protocol is administered over a month’s time. This treatment sequence is based on years of experience, and many published medical articles.

The reason for H2O2 success is then further explained (p.53) as the use of an extremely effective oxidizer, and therapeutic utility in bio-oxidative medicine.

Finally (p. 55), fears about hydrogen peroxide as a dangerous substance to ingest are addressed. The enzyme catalase is integral to your body’s natural ability to cure internal infections. The Sarah Wilcox method presented is revealed as a real herpes solution at a very modest price.

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  1. I haven’t had many breakouts and I have Herpes II, recently I had two breakout and was prescribed valacyclovir hcl 500 mg. It came back on my genital area and I feel this soreness behind my thighs and inside of my lower area. I am not sure what it is because I never felt this pain before. Anyway, I am a liver transplant since 2011 and on different meds. Is it safe for me to take your pills. Thanks for responding. I need help.

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